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Foreword From Advisor

Annur Quranic Centre (AQC) is one of the focus project by MyFundAction (previously known as Malaysian Muslim Welfare Fund Foundation (YDKMM) to create professional huffaz. Our vision is to build professional quran generation which can read, learn, memorise and deliver words of Allah to the ummah (community).

What makes Annur Quranic Centre very special is that we truly emphasize on the ability of the students to become pious professional huffaz. We want to prove to the community that huffaz are also able to become part of professional group with careers such as doctor, engineer, accountant and the rest of careers that contribute to the development in religion and country. This mission is indeed related to the verses of Allah that ask us to become caliphs who contribute to the community and the world.

I urge to all, let’s give our full support for these children to ensure that they can always preserve the words of Allah that they have learn and practice them in daily life as well as share it among their family and friends.

Foreword From Director

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah the Almighty for His self and gifts. The gift of reading His verses that make us feel as if we’re talking to Him, the gift to have the feeling that the Qur’an is able to give the spirit and guidance in each step of our lives.

Congratulation to all parents and guardians that have successfully equipped your children with very useful supply in the world and the hereafter. It would be your largest share. Rasulullah PBUH said : “Whoever learn al-Quran and practice it, his parents will be clothed with crown in the hereafter, where it’s light is shinier that the sunshine. His parents would ask: “Why are we given this?”. Then it was answered: “Because of your son that have studied al-Quran”. (Narrated by Abu Dawud, Ahmad and Hakim).

In sha Allah, our biggest mission is to have the participants who able to maintain and practice the tarbiyah that has been taught to them throughout their learning with Annur Quranic Centre. Having manners of the Qur’an, touching people’s heart through dawah with the guidance of the Qur’an and conveying the verses and messages of the Qur’an to the community. Wallahua’lam.


No 244, Tingkat 1, Persiaran SIBC 8, 32610 Seri Iskandar, Perak, Malaysia.

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