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Annur Quranic Centre (AQC) is a subsidiary company under MyFundAction. This company has been established under an initiative from the founder and main advisor of MyFundAction, that is Dr Hj Mohd Hizul Azri Bin Hj Md Noor, to create more professional Quran generation.

Why we started?

We’re building a personalized, inspiring & professional Huffaz as a way to make change to this world. All around the world, there are millions of people who already knew how big the rewards for a Huffaz is. We built Annur Quranic Centre for them.

To make it incredibly simple for them to memorize the Quran and understand the words of Allah. To make it easy for them to find a community of people who wanted to support them. And making the world we want to see following the beauty of Islam.


Annur Quranic Centre

To create professional Quran generation that are able to memorize, understand, practice and convey the holy verses of Al Quran.

Annur Quranic Centre

To train professional preachers (Dai) who possess the leadership and the best attitude.

Annur Quranic Centre

To shape professional Huffaz who possess the leadership and the best attitude.


No 244, Tingkat 1, Persiaran SIBC 8, 32610 Seri Iskandar, Perak, Malaysia.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry.
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Feel free to contact us at:
+605 371 2697

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